Privacy policy

At the BS Fuji Export Expansion Support Office, we collect information on people using our “débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS” website (hereafter “this site”), within the range required for us to provide a smooth service. We shall handle the collected information appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use, adhering to the laws related to protecting personal information (hereafter “personal information protection laws”) and other related statutes.

Scope of the collected information

  1. At this site, the IP address and other information for viewing the site etc. is automatically acquired . ”Google Analytics” is being used with the purpose of collecting and analyzing access logs. With Google Analytics, cookies are used to collect information on users, but information that can identify individual users is not collected. Information collected by Google Analytics is managed according to the Google privacy policy. For details, see “Google Privacy Policy” (external links).
  2. About cookies
    Cookies are used on this site. Cookies are stored on the users computer when the user accesses the site, and there is interaction between the site Server and the users browser.
    The user, by selecting to disable cookies based on their browser settings, can refuse collection of access logs. Even if cookies are disabled, this will not affect browsing of this website. Please see the Help page of the respective browser or inquire to the manufacturer for how to set the browser.

Purpose of use

  1. We will use your email address and name for the purpose of answering inquiries and for confirmation.
  2. Personal information is only used for support when we receive an inquiry.
  3. We will collect your email address and name as personal information.

Scope of use and provision

Excluding cases where there is a request to disclose information based on a statute, cases when there is improper access or illegal actions, such as intimidation, or cases where there is another special reason, the collected information must not be used for ones own purpose other than the objective of use, and must not be provided to a third party.

Measures for securing safety

We shall devise the necessary measures for the prevention of leaking, loss, or damage to the collected information, and the appropriate management of the collected information.

Scope of Application

  1. This privacy policy only applies to this website.
  2. On this site, when viewing a page on which the social media button etc. used by this office is installed, operators managing this social media may be sent to information related to the viewer. For details on the scope of the sent information etc. , check the website etc. of each operator for the other social media service privacy policies used by this website.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed where necessary. When changed, a notification of the changed content will be provided by the site.

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