Kishu Nanko Dried Fruits

Kinan Agricultural Cooperative

We have created soft, bite-sized pieces of dried fruit from Nanko plum cultivated from Wakayama Prefecture (said to be the top production site in Japan).

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We established our new factory in April 2018, and embarked on manufacturing, utilizing our production and quality structures cultivated in the plum-drying manufacturing industry over many years (JGS-B compliant).[Domestic ingredients] We use the “decompression manufacturing method” decompresson pot with Nanko plums from Wakayama Prefecture, in which the sugar is boiled at low termperatures. This brings out the original color and taste of the fruit. [Processing method] This gives it a slow-dried soft texture. They are cut into bite-sized pieces.

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Although they can be enjoyed as is, they are also delicious when mixed with yoghurt or corn flakes etc.