Boiled Hotaruika (Firefly squid)

Uozu Fishermen’s Association

We boiled Hotaru Ika that landed at Toyama Bay and at the Sea of Japan between March and the end of May. We produce boiled Hotaru Ika using cutting edge technology and facilities.

Explications produits

A mysterious phenomenon happens at Toyama Bay during the spring season in Japan. The real identity of the mysterious phenomenon is Hotaruika (firefly squid)
They swarm in from the deep sea to spawn, and show us their magical illumination. The Milky Way-like glitter in spring is known as “Mystery of Toyama Bay.”
Our association started to use facilities with cutting technology with Mirai (future) Fund, from governmental financial support 2 years ago, and have been working on the production of boiled Hotaru Ika.
We carry out hazard analysis, and the control of PP, OPRP, and CCP in the appropriate manner upon making a flowchart, to produce odorless boiled Hotaru Ika.
For example, in the operation process, we accept the raw materials that are kept colder than 5°c as the standard, and we wash the material with micro bubbles before boiling in automatic cookers.
After boiling, Hotaru Ika is cooled, then washed with ozonated water, then it is gauged automatically and rapidly cooled by a 3D freezer manufactured by Koga Sangyo, as LOT Management is our prior condition requirement. The boiled Hotaruika will have a visual check, then to prevent the cell getting destroyed after automatic gauging, we freeze the product rapidly with a tunnel freezer manufactured by Maekawa MFG, followed by filming with a gas replacing device, to guarantee a safety period to complete the production. We never compromise when we aim to produce to satisfy consumers.

Méthodes d’utilisation

This can be used on the menu at conveyor belt Sushi restaurants, or for side dishes like salad, etc. at home.