User Agreement

This agreement pertains to the use of the customer of the “débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS” website (hereafter “this site”) managed by BS Fuji Inc. Export Expansion Support Office (hereafter, ”this office”).
This agreement is applied to the text, images, videos and other content (hereafter “content”) and services provided to the users via this site and this office. The customer shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of this agreement at the point they use this content.

Changing this agreement

This office, when changing this agreement, shall describe the content of such changes to the content of the user agreement on this site after the change. If the modified content to the agreement is published, the user agreement after this change shall be deemed to be applied.

Scope of rights

This office, within the scope described in the agreement, assigns to users a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-assignable right to use this content.
Each item of content has been created to introduce and promote the sale of certain products. The users may introduce the products covered by the content and use the content within the scope of promoting the sale of the said product.

Rules for using content

  • The user may use the content in accordance with the stipulations of this agreement, Copyright Law, and other related regulations.
  • The user, when using the content, should cite the source as the “débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS” or the official site URL(
    In case this is not cited, this office may petition the user to delete the content, or refrain from use.

Prohibited actions

  • Actions that cause, or risk causing, infringements to content copyright laws, image rights, publicity rights, and rights/privileges
  • Use of content that violates public decency
  • Use of content that intends to slander or defame others.
  • Use of content with false representation


  • This office, in case damages occur in relation to the use of the site, shall, excluding cases of intentional actions or gross negligence by this office, bear no liability whatsoever.
  • This office shall bear no responsibility in case damages occur in relation to the use of the site caused by the user.


The service content of this site consists of what can be provided at that time. This site shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in relation to the completeness, accuracy, and effectiveness of the data provided by the user.

Compensation for damages

  • In case the user, in relation to the use of this site, causes damage to this office or a third party due to a reason attributable to the user, they shall bear responsibility for compensating such damage.
  • In case the user, in relation to the use of this site, receives a claim or other petition from a third party, or is involved in a dispute, this shall be resolved at their own responsibility and cost.

Resolution of disputes

  • In case of provisions not determined in this agreement or where doubts occur in relation to its interpretation, such matters shall be resolved by sincere mutual discussion between this office and the user.
  • In case the dispute is resolved through litigation, this shall be handled by a Tokyo District Court of first exclusive jurisdiction.
  • This agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of Japan.

Supplementary provisions

Execution date:This agreement shall be enacted from October 9, 2020.