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Logo manual for débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS

The “débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS” project logo can be used by each of the selected businesses. Please use the logo mark in accordance with the Logo Manual and within the scope permitted.

Cancellation of the use of the “débutante: New Selection of JAPAN FOODS” logo mark

In the event that BS Fuji, the project’s secretariat, finds that a user has committed an act that is against the purpose of this project, or that is in violation of laws and regulations or public order, the user must comply with a request for correction, a warning, or measures such as revocation of use to correct the act.

Media Kit

debutante: We have created guidelines regarding the usage of brands and assets, so that it is not necessary to negotiate a contract every time that project logo, content or trademarks are used. Please inquire here for usage not included in the guidelines.
Download Media Kit.